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Making ninjas

These are my first ninjas.

Manipulating images Tennis


Step 1 Get A pictue with you or somonelses hair easy to see

step 2 Use the mask and paint over all the hair you want to change then select inverse and finally select color balence in adjustments.

Step 3 use the mask a final time designing a pattern and Use the color balence

VollyBall: Filter


This is the original picture

All I did was I took the original picture and added Glowing edges to it.

This is the original picture

I used Dry Brush on this Picture to make it look the way it is.


This is the Original Picture

First I got a background of a football team then i got a little kid running away i copyed and pasted the kid onto the background cut him out then changed the brightness.

This is the original picture

First I Got a Picture of a youth football team making a tackle then i pasted a picture of an NFL player were the kid was getting tackled then used the opacity meter and eraser to make it look natural.


I Got a Picture of a soccer feild then i got a picture of a soccerball and cut it out with magic wand, then finally dublicated the layer many times and changed the size and position.

First i masked the person i was editing then i changed everything else black and white then used film grain and for the guy i used buble wrap first then added ink outlines.