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The first thing i did was paint over her hair with a mask to do this press ‘q’

When done press ‘q’ again and select inverse. Create a new layer then fill it with any color then right click on the layer of hair and select blending options, change to soft light. Finally use the eraser were you messed up and went over somthing else.

This is the original picture i did not change anything

For information on how to do this vist


This is the original picture i did not change anything

I used Fresco on the helicopter and i used film grain on the background both can be found in (filter, artistic)

i used ocean ripple on the background to find it go(filter, Distort)

 I used neon glow on the helicopter and ink outline on the background to find neon glow go (filter, artistic) and to find ink outline go (filter, brush strokes)

I Used glowing edges on the helicopter to find this go (filter, Stylize)

I Used half tone pattern on background then used neon glow on background to find half tone go(Filter, sketch) and for neon glow go (Filter, Artistic)

First i clicked on the clone stamp tool icon located on the left then i held alt and selected a spot of grass and went over top of the tackler i did this for about five minutes then did the same thing for the fence intill it looked natural.

This is The original Picture I have not done anything yet but i am planing on removing the tackler on the left.

First i made a Rough copy of my imaginary product on a diffrent page putting objects together cutting them out and pasting them. when i was done that i saved it onto my blog but it didnt look finished so i decided to put it in a background.

1. first i looked up a picture of a guy using a chainsaw (it doesnt have to be this it can be any background)

2. i pasted my imaginary product over top of the chainsaw

3. i used the opacity meter and the eraser to make it look like he is holding it

4. i used the clone stamp to fix any in perfections

Too Many

First i found a background of a backyard so i could begin then i got about 5 diffrent knomes luckly they all had white backgrounds so i just used the magic wand tool to cut them out i kept on dublicating the layer of the knomes so that i would have a lot of them and i just adusted the sizes. to cut out the garbage bag the old lady and the parachute i had to zoom in and use the eraser tool.