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Logo Research

Word Marks

I think that the best logo in wordmarks would have to be the toshiba logo beacuse of the mix in color it makes it more noticable.

character Marks


My favorite logo is the cfl logo beacuse even if you didnt know what the company was you could just look at the football on the logo and know

Figurative Marks

My Favorite out off all of these logos is the itunes logo beacuse as soon as you look at it you think of music and you know it is itunes


My favorite logo for the combination is the F-35 Lightning II logo beacuse it has a picture showing what they are selling and it also has words describing what it is.


My Logos


My Serious Logo

My Fun Logo


Making ninjas

These are my first ninjas.

Manipulating images Tennis


Step 1 Get A pictue with you or somonelses hair easy to see

step 2 Use the mask and paint over all the hair you want to change then select inverse and finally select color balence in adjustments.

Step 3 use the mask a final time designing a pattern and Use the color balence

VollyBall: Filter


This is the original picture

All I did was I took the original picture and added Glowing edges to it.

This is the original picture

I used Dry Brush on this Picture to make it look the way it is.


This is the Original Picture

First I got a background of a football team then i got a little kid running away i copyed and pasted the kid onto the background cut him out then changed the brightness.

This is the original picture

First I Got a Picture of a youth football team making a tackle then i pasted a picture of an NFL player were the kid was getting tackled then used the opacity meter and eraser to make it look natural.